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Gisela Vidal & Ariel Yanovsky are returning early in April, 2020 with three initial workshops scheduled for Saturday, 4th April as part of the Brisbane Tango Marathon. Click here for further information on the Brisbane Tango Marathon including workshops with Gisela and Ariel.

They will then offer 6 classes per week on a weekly basis for a 12-week period. Each of these classes will be in 4-week blocks.

This intensive Tango development program will take your Tango dancing to a much higher level. This is a unique opportunity as there is no better way to improve your skill level than by ongoing instruction and feedback.

Gisela and Ariel will pay particular attention to learning movements and adjusting technique as opposed to just learning steps. This method will allow you to create your own sequences without following patterns. They will analyse your body movement and the relationship with your partner in every moment to improve the way you lead/ follow.

Topics such as connection, embrace, musicality, social awareness, resistance, axis and elegance will be covered in the classes whilst most importantly having fun!

A variety of classes will be offered for all levels from beginners to advanced. Classes will take place at the Brisbane House of Tango Toowong studio and there will be a limit to the number of students in each class.

The classes offered will be:

Thursday’s (from 9th April):

6:30 PM           Beginners

7:30 PM           Tango Open Level

8:30 PM           Milonga

Friday’s (from 10th April):

6:00 PM           Tango Open Level

7:00 PM           Vals

8:00 PM           Tango Advanced

To book in for classes, click here to complete your details.

Class Fees

1 Class per week – $90.00 for a 4-week course block or $30.00 per class.

2 Classes per week – $160.00 for two 4-week course blocks or $50.00 for two classes.

3 Classes per week – $240.00 for three 4-week course blocks or $75.00 for three classes.

4 Classes per week – $320.00 for four 4-week course blocks or $100.00 for four classes.

5 Classes per week – $400.00 for five 4-week course blocks or $125.00 for five classes.

Beginner Introductory Offer 

$75.00 for a 4-week block of classes or $30.00 per class.

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Gisela & Ariel will also be available for private lessons during this time.

To book in for classes, click here to complete your details.

Further information on Ariel may be found here

Further information on Gisela may be found here

Bank Account Details

Payments may be made to the following bank account:

Brisbane House of Tango

Bank Number (BSB) – 014256

Account Number – 472780527