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About the Brisbane House of Tango

At the Brisbane House of Tango, you will have the pleasure of being taught by leading Brisbane Tango teachers – David and Anita. You will have the opportunity to experience Tango lessons or classes at either of their Toowong or Kelvin Grove studios.

Much like you, neither David nor Anita have been dancing Tango their entire lives. In fact, they didn’t discover Tango until they were adults. And they haven’t looked back.

You can read their Tango stories below.

David's Tango Story

Who are tango instructors in Brisbane?

When I was younger, I’d go to great lengths to avoid dancing. That was until I experienced a ballroom dance performance that inspired me to start my journey in dance.

After dancing ballroom for a number of years, I had the fortune to stumble across an Argentine Tango class while I was on holiday in Seattle, USA. And I never looked back.

Leaving ballroom dancing behind, I chose to concentrate solely on Argentine Tango. With my newfound passion for this beautiful dance, I travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina on numerous occasions. More recently, I’ve spent time in Europe and Asia to further my growth and development in Tango.

Fast-forward to today, and I’m now the principal instructor at the Brisbane House of Tango where I teach Brisbane Tango lessons to beginners and more experienced dancers. As a teacher, my major focus is on the connection and creativity between partners. I also continue to develop my own understanding and knowledge of Tango movement, so I can continually offer more to you as a Tango teacher.

I believe that the beauty of Tango is the opportunity to dance with a person and feel connected to them in that moment, and then to be able to walk away with a feeling of pleasure and a smile. It’s all about creating moments that take your breath away! I would invite you to join us at the Brisbane House of Tango so that you can enjoy these moments too.

As an analytical and enthusiastic teacher, I understand and can teach both roles of leading and following. My path from a non-dancer (with two left-feet!) to an accomplished dancer allows me to teach as an effective and patient teacher. Tango is meant to be fun and enjoyable, and I bring that attitude to my classes. I want to encourage everyone within the Brisbane Tango community to develop your own journey within Tango, and allow your individual creativity to shine.

Anita's Tango Story

My first experience of Argentine Tango was watching a performance at my local sporting club in Brisbane. I was immediately mesmerized by the most elegant dance I had ever seen.  It took my breath away.  I didn’t have a dancing background, so I couldn’t understand the technical proficiency or creativity that makes this dance so different from other Latin styles, but I could feel the sensual connection between the two performers and understood that they were dancing in a language that was both intimate and intriguing.  I had never seen two people dance as one.

Which are the best tango classes in Brisbane?

So, I began to learn the Argentine Tango one lesson at a time.  Everything was unfamiliar to me…the lead and follow relationship, the rhythms and cadences of Argentine Tango music and the unexpected connections that flow through the tango community.  I have learned to feel how my body moves through space, and I have learned to love the intimate connection that comes through the embrace in the moment of the dance. I welcome the opportunity to assist David at the House of Tango. With my past experience as a teacher in other disciplines I hope to share with you the enjoyment and skills that I have already learned from my tango practice. Also, I am looking forward to helping you to develop great technique and a desire to continue your learning and fall in love with this sublime dance. Begin your Argentine Tango journey with us at the Brisbane House of Tango where you will be nurtured and encouraged.  And if you have already experienced the joys of this dance and want to improve rapidly, then join us for more challenging levels of engagement.  David is inspirational, technically proficient and patient.  He will give you individual supportive attention that will develop your passion for this sublime dance.

Begin Your Tango Story

Are you ready to discover the connection, creativity and fun that is Argentine Tango? Then we invite you to enrol in our Brisbane Tango classes today or you can contact us here for further information…

We look forward to joining you as you embark on your own Tango story.

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