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Argentine Tango is a fun and relaxing social activity that can be danced by anyone, regardless of your age or your level of physical ability. It’s a beautiful, improvised dance based on effortless communication and connection between the leader and follower.

Learning Tango is about creating connection and moving in a natural and elegant manner. It is not only about learning steps but rather moving together in a relaxed way with poise and elegance. We focus on quality and natural movement allowing freedom to dance in a way that best suits you.Learning Tango is also a great way to improve posture and balance.

Private Tango Lessons – The Best Way to Learn

Without doubt, private Tango lessons are the most efficient way for you to learn. It’s great to meet new people during group classes, but it’s during private lessons that you can really improve your technique and movement quickly.

We offer one-off and ongoing private Tango lessons to help you with the essential aspects of Tango. Our lessons are suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced dancers. During private lessons, you will cover the skills of leading or following, which are far more effectively learned in a private lesson as opposed to group classes. Even one private lesson will have a positive influence on your dancing.


All of our lessons are taught by leading Brisbane Tango teachers at both our Brisbane Tango studios, which are located in Toowong and Kelvin Grove.

Other examples of skills you can learn in a private lesson include:

Tango Leaders:

  • Developing clarity in your lead and learning how to best communicate possibilities within
    the dance to your partner
  • Developing the connection between leader and follower
  • Improving your posture and embrace to clearly communicate your intentions as well as
    have a more pleasant experience
  • Expanding your repertoire of figures or steps
  • Improving your footwork and balance
  • Understanding your axis and creating off-axis movements

Tango Followers:

  • Developing the connection between leader and follower
  • Learning how to interpret the lead and follow easily and comfortably
  • Improving your posture and embrace to clearly receive the leader’s intentions
  • Improving your footwork and balance
  • Interpreting intentions and creating possibilities including adornments
  • Understanding your axis and creating off-axis movements

Experience the difference in teaching quality at the Brisbane House of Tango.

Private lessons can be for one hour, 45 minutes or ½ hour and may be shared with another person. The cost for the various packages is as follows:

Tango Lesson Packages with One Instructor

Package60 Minutes45 Minutes30 Minutes
1 Lesson$100.00$80.00$60.00
10 Lessons$950.00$760.00$580.00

Tango Lesson Packages with Two Instructors

Package60 Minutes45 Minutes30 Minutes
1 Lesson$150.00$120.00$90.00
10 Lessons$1,400.00$1,140.00$870.00
The Tango Lesson Packages with 2 Instructors are with a leader and a follower.

Private Tango Lessons at your Home or Workplace

Tango Lessons near me

If you would prefer to have private lessons at your home or workplace, or would like to organise your own group private lessons and workshops, please contact the Brisbane House of tango today for rates and availability. Note that a travel fee will be included for lessons conducted outside of  the Brisbane House of Tango studios.

Date Night

Are you looking for something special to do with your partner? Why not have an Argentine Tango lesson as a date night? You will not only learn a new skill, but have a great time learning that skill together with a supportive tango teacher.

Private Tango lessons can be tailored to your needs and can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration (60 minute lessons are recommended for couples).

Private Tango Lessons Brisbane
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