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Brisbane House of Tango Testimonials

The Brisbane House of Tango greatly appreciates the effort of our students in providing testimonials for our tango school. In our Private Argentine Tango Lessons and our Group Argentine Tango Classes, we endeavour to provide the highest quality tuition. Below are some of the testimonials received for the Brisbane House of Tango. 

David has taken Christina and I on a journey to Tango excellence and while the journey is not complete (probably never will be) we are deeply appreciative of your commitment to excellence in Tango style and technique. Tango is not easy and I think it needs to be earned by hard work, commitment and a pursuit of excellence. You have guided us along in this journey. We have had a number of Tango instructors now so I can tell you that you are the best we have experienced and it says a lot that other top dancers in Brisbane have endorsed your methods and suggested that we continue with you due to your demand for excellence in Tango. While my brain feels like a pretzel after some of our lessons, the rewards have been well worth it. Thank you and I look forward to another year of this wonderful journey.
Peter van Velzen (Mount Tambourine)
David is very skilled and very detailed with technique and posture. I didn’t just learn how to dance, I learn how to dance beautifully and elegantly.
Debby Chung (Holland Park)
Brisbane House of Tango is truly excellent! David communicates with such precision and warmth, and every private lesson and every class is positive. His extensive knowledge of physiology and human movement informs every single moment of his instruction of Tango, so that I know that I’m in the most skilful and trustworthy hands at Brisbane House of Tango. I’m delighted with my progress at Brisbane House of Tango and am confident to recommend it to both experienced and novice dancers. A special shout-out for monthly Saturday afternoon milongas at Brisbane House of Tango’s Toowong studio! A fun, relaxed afternoon, dancing with friends from ‘Brisbane HOT’, and from Brisbane’s wider Tango community.
Dr Melissa Agnew (Taringa)
Tango isn’t easy! But everything that is worthwhile takes effort and self-improvement. David Blair is an inspirational teacher of Argentine Tango, always alert to giving personalised corrections but careful not to dampen the spirit and flow that Tango thrives on. David gives even beginners some elegant and exciting moves early on, rather than waiting for their technique to be perfect before attempting them.
Peter (Toowong)
It has been a delight to find The Brisbane House of Tango this year. After not learning dance officially since my teen years (decades ago), it has been so much fun to be on a dance floor again. David’s weekly lessons are structured so that you learn technique and steps at a manageable pace. In quite a short time you are dancing the Tango with simple steps and always adding more to your repertoire. With regular Milongas (social dance meets) you are exposed to dancing with partners of different levels. Seeing the more advanced dancers is so inspiring and keeps me excited to learn more. I’m hooked after a few short months and can’t wait for my lesson each week. So much better than sitting at home in front of the TV or whatever. It’s fun, social and a form of exercise – win, win.
Andrea Shaw (Carina)
I have had several private lessons with David, and found him to be very exacting and helpful with the important foundational steps of tango, walking, ochos and giros. I wanted to really consolidate my skills in those areas. His exercises for daily practice also have really assisted my dancing. I would recommend him as a teacher to any aspiring tango dancers from beginners to those with prior dance experience.
Amanda Rosenthal (Yeronga)
In my lifelong love of dance over several genres, I finally found myself in the embrace of Tango. Having concentrated on my technique for a number of years, discovering David has reignited my passion for Tango, and I now have a smile on my face that no amount of day to day life/work can remove!!! David’s enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring me to learn more, practice more and has enabled me to have more fun in the social community. Within his lessons, I’ve found a perfect balance of clear instruction, and a comfortable learning pace. I really appreciate the energy and excitement that David brings into his dance. Exercise has never been so enjoyable and I cannot express how much I love Tango. I am always looking forward to the start of my Tango weekend.
Vikki Calvert (Wellington Point)
David’s small group tango tuition is addictive – try it and see!
Christine Bongers (Kelvin Grove)
The Argentine Tango is a beautiful dance, and with the empathic and expert guidance of David Blair at his Brisbane House of Tango Studio I’ve been able to learn and gain confidence at this dance. Everyone makes you feel welcome at his classes and it’s a delight to dance with all the lovely ladies who attend his classes. Thank you, David.
Jesus Zas (Milton)
I have been attending the Brisbane House of Tango for nearly one year, being a complete novice to Argentine Tango. David Blair gave me the confidence to get onto the Tango dance floor quickly. His teaching of technique is assured, effective and fast. The Brisbane House of Tango has a lovely relaxed atmosphere.
Laura Phillips (Brisbane)
Loved it! I had the pleasure of attending one of the Brisbane House of Tango demonstration classes. I have always considered myself as a person with two left feet and thought that dance is one of those activities that I will never get involved in. In just under 30 minutes, our fantastic instructors taught us how to complete a number of basic tango steps. To my surprise I was able to confidentially pick everything up. Thanks guys, there’s hope for me yet. I can’t wait to do the beginners course.
Eva Judge (Brisbane)
David is a motivated and dedicated teacher with an obvious passion for Tango. He’s patience, professionalism and relaxing attitude creates an environment that is comfortable and conducive with a fun learning experience. Will recommend and continue with David and the Brisbane House of Tango team in the future.
Daniel Wilson (Red Hill)
David is a sensitive and inspiring teacher. He tunes into your individual needs as his student and works with you, where you are in the moment. My confidence and passion for tango has grown since being in his class.
Donna Imeri (Brisbane)
Learning tango with David is a unique experience, you always have the feeling of being in a private class. There is not a single day that I do not learn something new about how to improve my technique and enrich my dance.
Alessandra Esteves (Albany Creek)
David and Anita are the most professional dance teachers I’ve had the privilege to learn from. They create a very welcoming environment and teach to the level you are at. Whatever level you are at, they are very good teachers who understand the importance of connection in dance and communication.
Nadine Vielle (Auchenflower)
I love coming to learn at Brisbane House of Tango! Everyone is so lovely and Dave and Anita are fantastic instructors! It’s my favorite day of the week coming to the class.
Holly C (Milton)
David Blair is an outstanding teacher and guide to Argentine Tango. He is passionate about this traditional dance and upholds the highest standards for himself in it. This high standard is transferred on to his students. He produces mindful and informed dancers. He takes the time to address every follower and leader, individually, in every rotation. David grades his classes according to ability and therefore the students enjoy the most suitable standards for themselves. David produces strong and confident leaders, so thank you David!
L P (Taringa)
David is a natural teacher. Every student in the class gest personal time on everything he teaches. His ability to break the dance down to the smallest technical details is incredible. Just as importantly, David makes it fun along the way too. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, a follower or a leader, I highly recommend David as your Tango teacher.
Jason Cameron (Coorparoo)
If you are looking to learn Argentine Tango I strongly recommend you try out Brisbane House of Tango. The teacher, David, is a master at tango dancing and a wonderful teacher. Unlike other group dance classes where often the teacher will demonstrate a move with some instructions and then you’re left trying to mimic it as best as possible with little/no feedback, David takes the time to provide individual/tailored feedback to everyone in his class, and focuses on the technique and minutiae of each move. He provides positive and constructive feedback, and if you don’t understand what he means he will explain it in a different way. I walk out of every class feeling like I’ve learned so much. And although David takes tango and teaching seriously, the classes aren’t intense or sombre, they’re lots of fun and I always have a laugh. 10 out of 10, would recommend.
A (West End)
Great lessons with amazing teachers. I have rarely come across so much love for details in regards to steps, lead and following, which makes the journey to become a Tango dancer exciting and so much fun! Highly recommended!!!!.
Melanie Oey (Taringa)
We have been learning Tango with David at the Brisbane House of Tango for 18 months. Initially I was quite nervous and lacked confidence as I had no previous dancing skills or experience. David makes the classes easy and I always feel that I am learning something. Dancing has certainly improved my balance and it is a fun way to exercise. This year we have been dancing two nights per week and enjoying milongas (dances) when possible. Recently we were in Europe and danced in four different cities. That was quite a thrill as we might not be able to talk with the other participants but we could dance with them. Tango is an activity that you never master but it is enjoyable and a challenge. David is able to organise the classes around the ability of the dancers so that everyone keeps progressing. You also meet a variety of people who are great company.
Helen Hennessy (Redlands)
Absolutely professional and fabulous instructors! I have been enjoying my tango journey with both Anita and David and I would highly recommend their classes. David and Anita are very passionate with Argentine tango, where I fell in love with this beautiful dance during my trip to Buenos Aires. My dance classes will always be one of my weekly highlights. Thank you so much, both!
Jamie Tan (Gordan Park)
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