Tango Lessons


Argentine Tango lessons in my area

From the Bordellos of Argentina to the silver screen and stage, Tango is considered one of the most elegant and passionate dance styles. At our Toowong and Kelvin Grove dance studios, we will take you on a journey into the world of Argentine Tango. You will start with fundamentals such as balance, posture, the ‘tango walk’, timing, floor craft and partner communication, and then progress to more complex Tango movements.

It is more than just a dance. Dancing is a life skill that improves your fitness, well-being and social networks. Argentine Tango lessons are available in Brisbane for beginners through to advanced dancers, and for individuals or couples.

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wedding dance lessons in my area

The Brisbane House of Tango, also provides lessons for your wedding dance. We can create a package of private Tango lessons and group Tango classes to suit your needs. You can even bring the whole Bridal Party along!

Create a beautiful moment that you will remember forever.

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