Group Tango Classes


Our Brisbane Tango classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced Tango dancers. Our Tango classes are not about learning routines or ‘steps’, but rather about learning how to dance. Your creativity and improvisation are encouraged to make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Our Brisbane Tango classes include:

  • Beginner (Level 1) class – no experience in any form of dance is necessary
  • Second Step (Level 2) class – at least 4 weeks of recent experience required
  • Improver (Level 3) class – at least 5 months of recent experience required
  • Mezzo (Level 4) class – at least 12 months of recent experience required
  • Synergy (Level 5) class – at least 2 years of recent experience required

All Tango courses are in blocks of 4 classes with a specific topic during each 4-week block. All classes are for one hour and in fully air-conditioned studios. The cost of classes is $60.00 per 4-week course per person or $20.00 per class if paid casually.

You can find the Tango Class Schedule here.

You may also put together your own group of friends, family or colleagues to conduct group classes at a mutually suitable time and location.

To enrol in our group classes, or to arrange your own group classes or workshops please call or get in touch here.

Call now on 0419 665 046 to book in for a class