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Why Yoga is Good for Tango Dancers

What does Yoga have to offer Tango dancers?

Yoga is widely known to be highly beneficial to everyone in general. But in this article, let us focus on the positive effects it has on Tango dancers.

Dancers rely heavily on three things: coordination, balance and mobility. These are essential ingredients that enable dancers to dance freely and in control, and yoga can enhance these significantly.

Stamina for Tango

Yoga postures boost static strength in general. On the other hand, a dynamic class such as Ashtanga improves stamina. During arduous physical activities, we learn the deep breathing technique through the nose. You will find it extremely useful when executing difficult dance routines as well.

Mobility for Tango

Benefits of Yoga for TangoThe ability to move or to be moved freely is called mobility. When muscles lack flexibility, they hinder the movement of the joints. In order to become more agile, regular stretching is the easiest way to improve agility. It prevents muscle strains, as well as joint and muscle damage. With yoga, dynamic movements, strengthening posture and static stretches are combined to enhance overall mobility.

Maintenance of Joints

No matter how active your lifestyle is, regular stretching and recovery play a large role in performing at your optimal level. When you make yoga a part of your routine, your joints will start to move more freely and can function well with less likelihood of feeling any kind of pain. For Tango dancers (or any dancer in general), it’s important to be able to move freely without limitation or pain.

Coordination for Tango

Consciousness is a crucial part of training our coordination skills. We gently shift into postures and spend time in each posture to enable our minds to find our centre and to maximise our senses and feel every stretch of our muscles and joints in that position. Compared to everyone else, including those who practice other sports, dancers tend to find it easier to learn and execute asanas. This does not come as a surprise however, as dancers are more aware of their bodies because of the constant practice of coordination through dancing. Hence, yoga and dancing are mutually beneficial to each other.

If you haven’t tried yoga, it’s about time you give it a shot too!

Whilst dancing expresses the soul’s creativity and emotions, yoga identifies the inner self through breathing, mind focus and movements. Tangueros should definitely try it! Yogis should try dancing too. There are benefits in both directions.

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