Gisela Vidal


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Gisela Vidal was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she has started with the art of tango at 14 years of age. She extensively trained in Tango Salon and Stage style with the best Argentinean Masters. She also trained intensively in Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Belly Dance, Ballet, Argentine Folk, Salsa, Theatre, Mime and Clown.

She has participated in many International Tango Festivals, TV shows and major events such as the opening of the Dakar 2009 in Buenos Aires and danced at the Great Hall of the Kremlin in Russia.

Gisela has co-managed a Tango school in Milan in 2009 with Enrique De Fazio (Hemanos Macana) and she also has coordinated the “Tango Querido” School in Tuscany.

She has participated in many national and international events with the Tango Company “Secrets of Tango” and “Tango Seduction” directed by Gustavo Russo and “Tango Baile” directed by Andres Linetsky.

During 2013 she has been a resident teacher and dancer in Zotto Tango Academy directed by Miguel Angel Zotto in Milan.
Since 2015 she is a resident teacher in Escuela Mundial de Tango GE in Buenos Aires.

In 2018 she built her own Tango Jewelry brand “Gisela Vidal”.

She teaches Tango in Spanish, English and Italian.

Since 2008 she has been performing and teaching in 40 countries all around the world.


  • Brisbane Tango Festival 2019
  • Kenya Tango Festival 2019
  • Seoul International Tango Festival 2018
  • KLICF 2017
  • Tango Acropolis 2017
  • Fivizzano Tango Festival 2012
  • TangoXposed 2011 Vietnam
  • Dakar 2009 Buenos Aires
  • 3rd Cambalache Festival 2006 Bs As
  • 1st Tango Festival San Isidro 2008
  • 1st International Tango Festival in La Plata 2006 Bs As
  • 4th Tango Festival in San Luis, Argentina


  • “Tango x 2” directed by Miguel Angel Zotto
  • “Tango Seduction” & “Secrets of Tango” directed by Gustavo Russo
  • “Tango Bar” directed by Hermanos Macana
  • “Esquina Carlos Gardel” directed by Dolores De Amo
  • “Tango Baile” directed by Andrés Linetsky
  • “Boca Tango” directed by Adrián Blanco
  • “America” directed by Alain De Caro
  • “DNI Tango” directed by Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frigoli.


  • “Miguel Zotto Tango Academy” Italy
  • “Escuela Mundial De Tango GE” Argentina
  • “Tango Querido” Italy
  • “DNI Tango” Argentina


  • “TNTV” Tahiti
  • “MBC TV” Art Show, Korea
  • “La Vida es Arte” with Lalo Mir, Argentina
  • “RAI 2” Italy
  • “Coma Studios” Greece
  • “El Metro” Argentina
  • “Canal 8” Argentina
  • “Destino Tango” Canal A

United Kingdom- Malaysia- Philippines- Germany- Singapore- Indonesia- Russia- Lithuania- Thailand- France- Peru- Vietnam- Switzerland- Latvia- Uruguay- Poland- Czech Republic- Chile- Greece- Romania- India- Spain- Bulgaria- Italy- Israel- Brasil- Belgium- Cambodia- Ukraine- Armenia- South Korea- United Arab Emirates- New Zealand- Egypt- Kenya-Tanzania- Mozambique- Swaziland- South Africa- Australia and Tahiti.

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