Argentine Tango Composers eBook

Argentine Tango Composers eBook

Read about 19 of Tango's Greatest Composers together with lists of their most famous recordings and more...

Learn about...

Argentine Tango's Greatest Composers

Read about how the most famous tango composers each started their journeys in tango, their setbacks, successes, collaborations and most popular recordings.

What's inside the book?
The history of 19 tango composers
A list of popular albums available on Amazon
Argentine Tango Composers eBook
Lists of composers most popular recordings.
The timeline of the various tango schools

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February, 2022

Who should read this book?

Tango Dancers

If you dance Argentine Tango and would like to expand your understanding and knowledge of the composers whose music you dance to.

Lovers of Argentine Tango Music

Learn about the origins of the music that you love to listen to. It may expand the range of tango music that you listen to.


Perhaps there is a less-known composer who you have not or don't often include in your playlists. It might be that reminder you need to explore a wider range of music.


Learn more about the origins of the composers whose music you play and develop a greater appreciation of where and how the music developed.

Argentine Tango Composers eBook

Expand your knowledge of the most famous composers of the dance that you love!

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